TALK Is Fast and Easy

Track and code money events in real time with three easy steps

Spend Money

When employees use the Talk Mastercard to draw on the aggregated available funds, their phone receives a notification in real-time that includes the vendor and amount of that charge.

Talk to your Phone

The employee is prompted to take a picture of the receipt and to TALK about the business purpose of the transaction. Then all the employee needs to do is say something like “I just bought three cases of screws for the Smith Road Project.”

Posted to Accounting

The voice recognition converts the recording to text. The text is analyzed and coded by the Artificial Intelligence and uploaded to your accounting software with the picture. The entire process takes 10 to 14 seconds.

Immediate R.O.I.

The TALK administration panel and one-to-one support is why your R.O.I. will be positive right out of the gate.

No Learning Curve

A local firm walks you through the steps.

Expense Tracking Rules

You can make them part of your employee manual.

Personal Training

We'll train your staff on how to use TALK.

Employee Flexibility

No more waiting for a check or using own card.

Bookkeeping Time Saver

Save one to two hours a day, tracking the purpose of a charge.

Slash Cost

The cost of data entry goes away.

Waste is Reduced

Employees realize you see card use in real time.

Spending Control

You control when and where money is spent.

Set Card Limits

Set card spending limits up or down in real time.

Card Deactivation

You can turn a card off instantly if the situation arises.

Our Local Supporting Firms

Included with the TALK card is support from a local firm that will train your team, help you create spending rules and link TALK to your accounting software.

Meet Your Support Team

We are here right in your area, call us any time. No OFF SHORE support or accounting challenged support representatives. All 100 of the local firms across America use TALK in our own accounting office every day. They will even teach your bookkeeper how to slash the time it takes to code & post transactions. This includes showing your current accountant how we developed the work flow for better expense management and audit ready records. Your Tax Preparer is going to love TALK.

Why Choose TALK Over Regular Cards

Compared to a traditional business card, the TALK Mastercard alows you to have full control over your business expenses and provides hassle free automatic bookkeeping that goes straight to QuickBooks Online.



Traditional Cards

Get real-time push notifications or text messages seconds after a transaction is made. Pricing check Pricing wrong
Stop an employee card instantly with just one click. Pricing check Pricing wrong
Control employee spending daily, weekly or monthly. Pricing check Pricing wrong
Record the business purpose and capture receipts for transactions with our mobile app. Pricing check Pricing wrong
Have custom cards for every employee. Pricing check Pricing wrong
View and manage past transactions on our web portal. Pricing check Pricing wrong
Import the transaction, with a picture of the receipt, immediately into QuickBooks Online, Excel and other accounting softwares. Pricing check Pricing wrong

You're in Good Hands

Talk was created with security as our first priority. When dealing with sensitive information and our customers funds we understand the importance and responsibility of keeping your account safe and private. TALK uses 256-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption, highly monitored secure data centers and best practice multi-factor authentication. All account balances are held at Sunrise Bank of MN, FDC insured. Only the firm owner or their authorized representative (usually the bookkeeper or CFO) may transfer funds or approve spending and allocate funds.

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